Monday, December 13, 2004

The Future of Google? Where are we now?

I have to say thanks to Kevin Rose for this awesome link talking about the future of Google. I agree that it's a bit speculative, but the idea is dead on. The internet is changing; blogs are no longer a fad or gimmicky thing. People write in blogs these days without caring if anyone read them, and as a result, people read them. Who could have predicted they would be so popular? Well, Google seems to have guessed ahead of everyone else. Think they'll be able to run with it? Who knows. But it's a sure thing, Google is going to be around for a while.

I remember talking to my brother the other day. I asked him, out of curiosity, if he remembers what web searches were like before Google. Y'know, the old days of sifting through, and other search engines I honestly can't remember. Back then, there were no such thing as blogs. Not only is news, and the way we read it is changing but so is what we consider news. I mean, six years ago, I wouldn't be thinking about publishing thoughts like this to the general public. Sure, maybe a private, select few on a forum somewhere. But not to the entire internet at large.

This is our world, and its future looks interesting.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

First Post!

HA! I got the first post! Hahaha--errr.... I mean... I hate that trend going on. Anyone else? Seems like stupid thing to do. Must be kids. Heh, guess the internet is really coming into it's own when folks say stuff like, "Kids these days." in reference to their actions on the internet.

/me is old.